AskED®  Voter Direct

Shorten Lines on Election Day.

Be prepared for high-turnout elections like the 2020 Presidential Election.

Simple to Use

Verify voter statuses and reduce lines. Big buttons and text are easy to see and understand. 

Ultra Efficient

Manage elections from your office through a web portal. Import and export files instantaneously.

Easy Integration

Integrates easily with any Voter Registration System. Sets up simply.


Look up voters without paper or wires to determine registration status and polling location.

Quickly and accurately process voters

Simplify voter check in for voter's that have moved or changed status.

Quickly Find Voters

The AskED Voter Direct finds results instantly and displays matches based on the information entered.

Verify Voter Eligibility

Accurately verify voter status and ballot style with the AskED Voter Direct.

Redirect Lost Voters

Provide voters with the address and map of their correct polling location with the AskED Voter Direct.

See how easy the AskED® Voter Direct is

Connectivity Not Required

The AskED Voter Direct does not require a connection to operate.

Eligibility Verification

Empower poll workers to efficiently determine voter registration status.

Voter Sync

Sync voter information via Wi-Fi or via a Secure Digital (SD) memory card.

Record Storage

Store voter records from your entire county on the AskED Voter Direct.

Secure Data

Multiple safety features are built in, securing and protecting data.

Android Platform

The AskED Voter Direct utilizes the powerful Android Operating System.

Improve you and your voter's election experience

The AskED Voter Direct empowers poll workers to answer questions on the spot.

Shorten Voter Lines

Your poll workers will love it. No other device makes a poll worker's job easier. The AskED Voter Direct integrates voter and poll site information. Give the correct answer on voter eligibility, ballot choice or even directions to another polling site accurately and efficiently.

Reduce Election Support Calls

Equip poll workers with a mobile tool for immediately addressing and resolving the most common questions at your voting locations.  The AskED Voter Direct drastically reduces phone calls from your voting locations thanks to voter eligibility statuses and poll place maps.


Election after election, you can depend on the AskED Voter Direct.

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