Electronic Poll Book Advantages

Electronic poll book options are vast. The AskED® ePollbook from Robis Elections uses advanced technology to automate and speed up the voter check-in process for maximum electronic poll book efficiency. Our electronic poll book is versatile and easy-to-use by simplifying the election process with Election Decision Support™ that displays step-by-step instructions on screen to guide pollworker to the correct action. The AskED ePollbook features a user-friendly interface that speeds up voter check-in, reduces lines and reduces unknowns.

Electronic Poll Book Efficiencies

Automate multiple processes with the Robis Election’s electronic poll book solution and find more efficiencies.

At the Polling Places

  • Automate voter check-in and look up voters faster
  • Reduce wait times
  • Optionally print ballots on demand
  • Synchronize voter data between multiple locations in real-time (the AskED ePollbook works connected or disconnected)
  • Deploy additional systems quickly
  • Our decision support system provides step-by-step directions to the pollworker for increased accuracy

At the County Office

  • Update voter history electronically
  • Reduce unnecessary provisional ballots
  • Monitor voter traffic and wait times at any location
  • Supports the consolidation of polling places and the use of Vote Centers
  • Reduce election worker payroll
  • Reduce the number of pieces of election equipment needed
  • See what is happening in real-time

At the Landfill

  • Eliminate paper rosters
  • Only print as many ballots as are needed
  • Reduce printed training manuals
  • Print sample ballots on-demand

Speed Up Voter Check-In

Looking up voters with an electronic poll book is not only faster than looking through paper-based rosters, it can also speed up the check-in process for any voter circumstance.

Touchscreen Interface

The AskED ePollbook features the most user-friendly interface.

Election Decision Support™

Displays step-by-step instructions on screen to guide pollworker to the correct action every time.

Barcode Scanning

Utilizing a built-in camera or separate scan gun available to quickly look up voters based on a variety of ID’s.

Electronic Signature Capture

Utilizing a touch-screen or separate signature pad.

On-Demand Ballot Printing

Print the correct ballot style for each voter on the spot with an electronic poll book. The AskED ePollbook can even print different ballots for provisional voters if desired so that they can’t accidentally go through the tabulators.

Simplify Pollworker Processes

The AskED ePollbook is easy-to-use by guiding election staff through simple “yes” or “no” questions to determine voters’ eligibility. Opinions and guesswork are removed from the equation, reducing errors and minimizing the need for time-consuming provisional ballots.


Lookup and validate voter using the AskED Election Decision Support system.


Have voter confirm their identity.


Hand the voter their correct ballot.