Security is built into everything we do

Robis Elections protects your data, so you can manage elections confidently.

Election Security

High-Level Encryption

We safeguard your voter information by encrypting it, so your information is protected from any unauthorized access. We use SSL encryption that exceeds NSA standards.

Multi-Factor Authentication

We go beyond a simple username and password and use multi-factor authentication to protect your AskED account from unauthorized access.

100% U.S.-Development

Robis Elections is 100% U.S.-owned and 100% of the AskED software is developed in the U.S.A.

Dedicated Security Staff

We have dedicated staff whose purpose is to run a safeguarding program, monitor and adjust the program as circumstances change.

Ongoing Risk Assesment & Outside Audits

We continually perform internal risk assessments to identify and address potential risks, and we work with industry experts to perform external security audits.

We Limit Access to Data

We physically secure our facilities, our network and our servers, and only allow authorized individuals to access information when it is critical to complete tasks for you.

Protect Your Voter Information

Keeping your voter information secure is a shared responsibility. You can help by never giving anyone your username and password, using unique and hard to guess passwords, and being vigilant about updating user access.

Transfer Data With Confidence