Election Technology

AskED® Election Decision Support

Providing accurate election solutions

› Advanced processing for provisionals
› Streamlined voter registration capability
› Error avoidance and mitigation

AskED® Follow-The-Yellow-Brick-Road

Redefining step-by-step directions

› Automated guidance for operators
› Sequential election process management
› Automatically recognizes actions & highlights next steps

AskED® Interface Design

Simplifying the user experience

› Instinctively user focused
› Clean, uncluttered design
› Large buttons and text

AskED® Touchscreen Technology

Enhancing hardware flexibility

› Swipe to browse through voters or addresses
› Designed for multiple hardware manufacturers 
› Reduces required peripherals

AskED® Mobile Platform

Connecting voting locations

› Sync smartphones & tablets
› Track election issues instantly
› Manage devices remotely

AskED® Command Center™

Managing elections with more information

› Advanced real-time reporting
› Add or edit content, data and users
› Immediate status alerts

AskED® Data-Driven Technology

Optimizing your election structure

› Configure screens to match your election processes
› Scalable SQL-based system
› Make immediate updates

AskED® Security

Ever evolving and protecting

› AES encryption
› Self-destructing data
› Advanced multi-factor authentication

AskED® Integration

Integrating major voting systems

› Built-in data loaders      › Automated integration     › Seamlessly create voter access cards or ballots