Self-Service Help Desk

Adaptive election issue/resolution management.

Simple to Use

The AskED Help Desk is easy and intuitive to operate.

There are no decisions, no unknowns, and nothing for you to memorize.

Ultra Efficient

Quickly solve more than 80% of election related questions.

Automatically escalate issues and flag duplicate calls, so you can process voters quickly.


Each screen in the AskED Help Desk is configurable.

Add or edit your procedures. Preload poll site maps, voter information and problem types.

Stay Connected

Monitor the frequency of issue types and equipment problems.

Send broadcast messages to users and free up election staff to troubleshoot critical problems.

Help Desk With Brains

The AskED Help Desk automatically helps you
manage, categorize, filter and prioritize your election tasks.

Connect Callers to The Right People

Connect callers to the right people so questions get resolved quickly. The AskED Help Desk allows you to assign call types to specific individuals. Answering questions on-the-spot has never been easier.

Organize and Escalate Tickets

Organize and sort tickets by location, urgency level, or equipment type. If you are unable to resolve a ticket, the AskED Help Desk automatically escalates the ticket and its history to an expert.

Track Every Ticket

Check the status on any open ticket with the click of the button. Track tickets from start to resolution, and see who is working on issues at any time. Whether a voter, poll worker, troubleshooter reports an update, the AskED Help Desk tracks the history in one place.

Collaborative Inbox

The AskED Help Desk is your central inbox. Collaborate on support tickets more effectively with ticket notes and assignments. Your personal inbox is just a click away, along with your own configurable ticket filters and views. 

Election Decision Support™

Solutions are automatically suggested based on the information entered.

By simply answering “yes” or “no” to a series of smart questions, the AskED Help Desk helps you answer questions in seconds. Even temporary employees can handle 70 to 90% of questions. The remaining calls are automatically escalated to the assigned expert.

Self Service

Simple and intuitive self-service tools help you get answers quickly.

Step-By-Step Directions

The AskED Help Desk guides you step by step on what questions to ask each caller. Using Follow-The-Yellow-Brick-Road guidance, the AskED Help Desk highlights in yellow which question to ask the caller next.

Click-To-Call Answers

Answers are just a click away. Since the AskED Help Desk enables you to replace paper training manuals, you are able to train workers faster and print less materials. It's clear, simple and easy to navigate.

Create and Configure

Tailored to how your election department works and not the other way around. With the AskED Help Desk, you can instantly build a new issue type by choosing the caller type and poll site location. Then you can fine-tune the issue type by adding standard problems and priorities.

Nothing Slips Through

The AskED Help Desk keeps all your phone calls, poll sites, issue types and problem types in one place. Check the status on every electronic poll book at every poll site with the click of the button. Access reports in real-time and even update voter statuses on the fly. Track issues from call to resolution, and see who is working on issues at any time.

Poll Site Monitoring

Monitor whether your poll sites are open or closed with the AskED Help Desk.

Issue Type Tracking

Whether a voter, poll worker or troubleshooter reports an update, the history is tracked by issue type.

Save Time

Deliver better, proactive service with a support history.

Duplication Warning

The AskED Help Desk prevents, detects and highlights duplicate entries . When entering information into the AskED Help Desk, the system checks for duplicate entries and alerts you when there is a duplicate.

Advanced Reporting

Understanding what your operators are receiving questions about just got easier. Powerful reporting makes it easier to measure and identify voter registration questions, equipment problems and the inventory of supplies.

Delivering Great Service

Go beyond traditional support paradigms to deliver a better, more personal experience. Solve election headaches, collaborate on support tickets and track everything with a true election help desk solution. Deliver a better customer experience and work more effectively as a team, whatever their size.


Election after election, you can depend on the AskED Help Desk.

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