Ask ED Election Decision Software

Ask ED election technology is here for you.

At Robis Elections, we are passionately committed to creating innovative products that equip election officials to deliver smooth-running, efficient elections. We help you meet the challenges and solve the problems impacting election officials. Established in 1991 by David Davoust, Robis has built a reputation of providing the highest level of support and service to its customers, so that elections run more smoothly than ever.

We created our unique Ask ED® product suite to solve Election Day issues on-site and off-site with accuracy and consistency. With the Ask ED® product suite, jurisdictions can track and eliminate problems while seeing exactly what’s happening at every location in real-time.

Company Vision

To make a difference in the lives of employees, customers, vendors and competitors by being a company of integrity that provides exceptional products and superior service.

Product Vision

To provide election officials with peace-of-mind and lower stress along with dramatic improvements to the election process.

About Ask ED®

Who’s ED? We get asked that a lot. ED stands for Election Decision; helping election workers make the right decision every step of the way. At the core of every product in our Ask ED product suite is the belief that innovative technology can be accessible, simple and affordable.

Our Clients

Robis Elections is privileged to partner with jurisdictions throughout the United States—and each of them have unique requirements and specifications. Our Ask ED products give them what they need today with flexibility for the future (such as transitioning from precincts to vote centers). As their needs change, Ask ED products adapt. Our clients are not locked in to static, quickly outdated systems. Los Angeles. Phoenix. Dallas. Chicago. These are just a few of the clients using Ask ED® products. Contact us if you’d like to hear how we’ve helped these and many other clients.


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