Election Asset Management
Made Easy.

Track where every election asset is at.

AskED® Materials Tracker

Election Asset Management

Reduce Unknowns

Verify where and when assets arrive. See where assets have been and where they are going. 

Gain Efficiencies

Check in or check out assets instantly with barcoding technology. Save time and money.

Configure Your Way

The AskED Materials Tracker is configurable to your specific procedures and processes.

Stay Connected

View the status of assets at every poll site with AskED's Command Center.

Intuitive Interface

See Election Assignments

Assign assets to different locations with the AskED Materials Tracker.

Monitor Asset Details

The AskED Materials Tracker shows you the status of your assets.

Track Service History

Track the history of election equipment with the AskED Materials Tracker.

Election Asset Management

Connectivity Not Required

The AskED Materials Tracker does not require a connection to operate.

Error Detection

Alert users when equipment or supplies don't match the correct location.

Location Sync

Synchronize data between multiple locations via encrypted communication.

Service History

Store election equipment service history on the AskED Materials Tracker.

Secure Data

Multiple safety features are built in, securing and protecting data.

Role Assignments

Assign user-based roles to enable access to specific functions and reports.

Complete Chain-of-Custody Tracking

Know exactly where every single election asset is located, where it has been, who has had it, when, and for what reason.

Remote Device Management

Send updates to election scanners from your office.

Lockout Scanners | Lockout Users | Disable Scanners | Reboot Scanners | Check Scanner Status

Ultimate Command Center™

Remote configuration allows you to make updates or access reports anywhere, anytime. Administrators are able to monitor all AskED Materials Tracker units from a centralized portal.

Access reports in real-time with the AskED Materials Tracker web application. Pinpoint exactly which assets are outstanding and those that are in route. The AskED Materials Tracker eliminates discrepancies between what should be happening and what actually is happening.

See the AskED Materials Tracker in action