New Election Asset Tracking

Technology monitors chain of custody process.

Dallas, Texas — September 3, 2013 — The Dallas County Elections Department leads the way in leveraging innovative technology to ensure accurate, cost-effective and smooth elections. “Every election in Dallas County relies on a thousand moving parts. Add to that more than one million voters and you have a large scale, highly detailed election to orchestrate from beginning to end,” explains Toni Pippins-Poole, Dallas County Elections Administrator.

Election equipment and supplies are valuable assets that must be accounted for at every stage of the election. All materials, from voting machines to pens, need to arrive at the right place, and on time to maintain every election’s efficiency and integrity. Through the Robis Elections’ AskED® Materials Tracker, the County has the ability to track all the equipment and supplies required to run the Election. This solution enables Dallas County to perform a “chain of custody” process which follows equipment and supplies from the time they are prepared in the Dallas County facilities, to being loaded on the truck, to the polling locations and back to its “home” location.

Lynn Coumpy, Dallas County Elections Warehouse Manager, likens the process to air traffic-control, “At any point in time, we know what materials are coming in, which ones are going out, if there is an equipment malfunction and what we need to do to fix it. It’s critical to the entire election process to know the location of all our elections assets….everything from our paper pollbooks to the electronic cards that contains the voted ballots. This system helps us prepare, set-up, run and close out the election more efficiently than ever.”

The AskED Materials Tracker is the second product Dallas has implemented from Robis Elections, Inc. The first innovation was the AskED Help Desk, allowing staff to quickly and consistently access information and answer questions from voters, poll workers, field technicians and the general public.

“It’s our duty to make sure the County’s elections are run with integrity and efficiency; every election, every time. The voters and taxpayers deserve no less,” emphasizes Ms. Pippins-Poole. “That means extreme attention to detail and ability to quickly respond to any issues that might arise before, during and after Election Day. I am proud of our team and our partnership with Robis Elections. Together, we’ve been able to give voters a smooth election experience and save taxpayers money.”

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