California Electronic Poll Books Coming

AskED® ePollbooks are SB-450 Ready

Now with the passage of SB 450, California jurisdictions have even more reasons to roll-out electronic poll books. Sponsored by Secretary of State Alex Padilla, the new law will “provide voters more options for when, where and how they cast a ballot."

This election law approved on September 29, 2016 takes effect in 2018. Under the new model, registered voters in California will be sent a ballot 28 days before the election and can return ballots to a drop-off location or cast it in-person at any vote center in their county. Vote Centers in California will allow voters the option of casting their ballot at any one location throughout their county.

To successfully launch Vote Centers, California counties will need an electronic poll book that automatically updates all systems and accommodates both same-day voter registration and vote-by-mail ballots. Robis Elections’ innovative AskED electronic poll book is currently in the review process for the State of California’s Electronic Poll Book Certification. The AskED ePollbook

  • Effectively responds to California's passage of SB 450.
    The data-driven AskED ePollbook has a Windows platforms that offers a flexible solution for Voting Locations and Voting Centers with the ultimate central command center for managing elections in real-time.
  • Gives California jurisdictions the ability to check in voters accurately.
    Each screen in the AskED ePollbook can be personalized with step-by-step guidance to help election workers process voters quickly, efficiently and accurately.
  • Is simple to use.
  • The AskED ePollbook has an intuitive touchscreen interface design that includes big buttons and large print with non-technical election workers in mind.
  • Offers strict security.
  • The AskED ePollbook utilizes Real-time security protection for your data that guards more than just your hard drive. AES encryption adopted by the Federal Government and National Security Agency (NSA) is used with multi-factor authentication for networking and role-based security passwords.
  • Includes a Real-Time Command Center.
  • Election officials can monitor voting locations in real-time by seeing voter turnout, provisional voters per worker, electronic poll book connection status and more.

The AskED Command Center System has been proven to save money, help reduce wait times and help trim the number of provisional ballots in Los Angeles County, CA. Robis Elections is also pleased to serve several other California counties.

About Robis

Robis is a Midwest company that has been providing innovative technology solutions since 1991. The AskED ePollbook is 100% USA-made and Robis-created software is used in over 50,000 voting locations across the country. For more information, visit or e-mail, or call 630-752-0220 (office). Located at 1751 S. Naperville Road, Suite 104, Wheaton, Illinois 60189.